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Mutts – The Impure

Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 2:23PM by Amber

Mutt or Mongrel – Dog of mixed or unknown breed. Mongrel sounds more like a cuss words if used for name calling. Interesting, I guess!!! But today I am going to write about dogs of mixed lineage and also about my experience with them.


Bud, my Mutt <proudly>, enjoys playing so much that we make sure that we take him to the nearest dog park regularly. Not only Bud but we (parents) also get a chance to interact with other dog parents. At a dog park, the ice breakers are generally the questions about each other’s dog. After the usual pleasantries it is usual that we politely ask about each other’s dog. Questions such as “What your dog’s Name?”, “Is it a he or she?” or “What breed is he/she?” etc are considered the norm and falls within the boundaries of politeness. When it comes to the breed question I have had different experiences with different people. In the realm of dog parents there are owners of “Purebreds” and owners of “Mutts or Mixed Breeds”.  Read full article here: http://fetchinghoperescue.blogspot.com/2014/04/mutts-impure.html