Fetching Hope Rescue

Testimony of Adoption

Monday, November 11, 2013, 1:06PM by Amber

We received this letter, in response to an approval of dog adoption yesterday. We are all so proud of our amazing volunteers and the shelter we work with for such professionalism.


I really want you to know how much we think of your organization. I have filled out several applications over the last few weeks and Fetching Hope Rescue is at the top of our list. The others don't even come close.
The level of communication, response times, and everything else was top notch. The other organizations (with the exception of two) never even acknowledged my application!
Julie was wonderful - full of knowledge about your ogranization, the adoption proccess, etc. at our home visit and Kathy at Wynne Rescue was just as informative regarding Ginersnap specifically.
Thank you very much for helping us adopt. We will definitely keep in touch regarding Gingersnap as we adjust but ongoing down the line as well. We are giving her a new name - Lovey.  It may sound funny, but has great signicicance to us as a family.
Thank you again for all you do.