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Looking for good foster homes!

Thursday, October 23, 2014, 2:28PM by Amber



Foster families are life savers…literally! Fetching Hope works with the Wynne Shelter in Arkansas to place homeless dogs. Their chances of adoption are infinitely better when we can get them to Maine, and they are healthier and happier once they get out of the shelter and into a home. The transition to a permanent home is much smoother once the dog gets experience in a foster home. Our sister shelter is always full to overflowing, and every foster we bring up makes room for another dog in need. 


Foster families come in many shapes and sizes.  You may already have a dog, or maybe you just lost one and aren’t ready to adopt a new dog just yet.  Maybe you’d like your dog to have a playmate for a few weeks, or just love dogs and want to help. Whether you live alone, or have kids, cats, even chickens, we will work with you to find a foster dog who will fit in. You can also let us know if you are interested in a particular dog. Personality information, life experience and photos are always available by using the Available Dogs link on our FB page, or through our website at www.fetchinghope.com


Fostering is a great way to learn about dogs. You’ll meet cuddlers and runners, clowns and princesses, explorers and dogs that won’t leave your side.  Some will arrive at your door already knowing house manner and commands, some may need your help to learn the basics or overcome fears. An important part of your job as a foster is to see how the dog reacts in different situations, and help us figure out what kind of home will work best. Do they ride well in cars, like kids, chase cats? How do they interact with people and other dogs, and what makes them afraid or happy? Our goal is to place dogs with families who will love them for the rest of their lives. You will work with the adoption coordinator responsible for your foster. She will process applications and update Petfinder information with your help. New photos are a huge help! The goal is to make a good match for both the dog and the family, and the information we get from fosters makes all the difference in a successful adoption.


Fetching Hope foster dogs all come from our sister shelter in Arkansas.  Animal welfare laws require that dogs be healthy and up to date on vaccinations, and test negative for the tick-borne diseases and intestinal parasites before transport. In addition, our dogs are all spayed or neutered and microchipped. Topical flea and tick treatment is applied, heartworm preventative is given, and they are vaccinated against kennel cough.  The transport brings dogs to New Hampshire almost every Saturday. We have transport volunteers who pick them up and bring them to Maine to meet their foster families. Fetching Hope provides monthly doses of the heartworm preventative, and we have crates and other supplies to loan if needed. If veterinary care is needed, Fetching Hope will make arrangements and cover costs. Foster families just need to provide food and love.


I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy saying goodbye when your foster dog goes off with his new family. We encourage adopters to keep in touch, and send updates often, and it helps to see how easily they settle into their new lives. You can feel good about the fact that many of these dogs would never have found a home if you hadn’t fostered them. By taking a dog into your home, you made room for another one to be rescued, so you really saved two lives!  Please contact us about fostering for Fetching Hope. You will not only make a huge difference in a dog’s life, but your own as well!


Our Foster Coordinator is Alissa Laitres. Please email her at fosterfetchinghope@gmail.com or fill out a foster application using this link: http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/FI7a3hz9RP7T4ebEw