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Are you ready for a dog?

Thursday, April 24, 2014, 3:14PM by Amber
“Dad, look!!! Uncle John has also gotten a dog for himself. Why can’t we have one?”
“Dad, I want a dog for my birthday!”
Many parents might have heard these questions umpteen times from their kids. Puerility or innocence or maybe just ignorance? I guess it depends from person to person. When I had asked this question to my parents it was a pure case of ignorance and also silliness to an extent because neither I had any idea about the seriousness of my demand nor I had any idea about the level of involvement required. For me, the movies had totally glorified the experience of having a pet especially a dog. Later in my life, thanks to my wife, I discovered that you have to be willingly ready to have a dog in your life. It’s a life full of commitment and compromise. It is not a toy that you can afford to get bored of. It has a personality, psychology, emotion and moreover a dog trusts with its life on you and you have to be prepared to reciprocate with all your heart. In short - It is parenthood. Read the rest of blog here: http://fetchinghoperescue.blogspot.com/