Fetching Hope Rescue

Fetching Hope Rescue (FHR) represents an all volunteer canine rescue group whose mission is to save the lives of neglected, abused and/or stray dogs by finding them safe, loving, and permanent homes in New England. We are proud to add that we are an approved 501 (c) (3.)

Join us for an adoption/awareness event at Paws Applause in Scarborough! We will be there with our supporters from 10-2 on October 25th. It's a great store, with a great staff that supports rescue! http://www.pawsapplause.com/

Paws Applause
Oak Hill Plaza
Scarborough, ME

We use Petfinder to feature our adoptable dogs, see link on the right side.  We work with WYNNE FRIENDS OF ANIMALS and consider them our "sister shelter." Please check out their website!


Latest Blog Entries

From Wynne to Maine

Friday, October 3, 2014, 6:39AM by Amber

Wynne to Maine is a journey. A journey that many puppies/dogs at “Wynne Friends of Animals” (Arkansas) undertake to find their forever homes.  This write up is dedicated to all elements that involve themselves and...  Read More »


Are you ready for a dog?

Thursday, April 24, 2014, 11:14AM by Amber

“Dad, look!!! Uncle John has also gotten a dog for himself. Why can’t we have one?”
“Dad, I want a dog for my birthday!”
Many parents might have heard these questions umpteen times from their kids. Puerility...  Read More »


Mutts – The Impure

Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 10:23AM by Amber

Mutt or Mongrel – Dog of mixed or unknown breed. Mongrel sounds more like a cuss words if used for name calling. Interesting, I guess!!! But today I am going to write about dogs of...  Read More »